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Here at SHEVOQ, our priority is delivering top quality translations on time, every time. That’s why we are confident in providing a one-year guarantee with each translation that we undertake.

Quality translators

The key to this is our focus on the quality of our translators. We spend a great deal of time and effort on recruiting the perfect translators to meet our clients’ needs. That doesn’t just mean having translators who speak the right languages, but those who also offer specialist, sector-specific skills, such as financial translation expertise or legal translation experience.

We grill our translators thoroughly on their skills and experience as part of the recruitment process, as well as testing their linguistic abilities. We then assign work to our translators by matching the job to the most appropriate person, based on their language skills and sector-specific experience. We use native speakers of the target language who live in an area where that language is spoken, thus ensuring they keep up with the latest language trends and vocabulary.

We also ensure that our translators have the technical competence needed to work efficiently from their locations around the world. If technical skills are lacking, we have an in-house support team that manages our translators, working with them to upskill them to the point where they are confident in using the technology and systems that they need to.

You can read more about our translators and how they feed into the quality of our translations.

Customer service

Our network of expert translators covers a wide range of language pairings. We back them and our clients up with an experienced project management team, in order to support our translators to succeed and to give our clients superb customer service.

One way in which this team maintains our commitment to quality is by listening to our clients. When clients tell us about who a document is intended for and what they hope to achieve with it, we listen. We then use that information while undertaking the translation. It means that our translators can ensure that the copy they are working on is best suited to the target audience.

Of course, delivering translations on time is also part of our commitment to quality. A missed deadline is simply not acceptable. To meet our deadlines, we not only allow enough time for the translation itself but also for our rigorous quality assurance checks, to ensure that every document is flawlessly translated before it is sent to the client.

Part of our commitment to customer service quality is also the provision of technical support to those clients who need it. We are happy to walk our clients through the technical side of the translation process should they wish, ensure that the translation work can be carried out smoothly and efficiently at every stage.

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